Sea Anemone tears itself into 2 over 12 hours (1min timelapsed)


The Sea Anemone was ‘sat’ on top of a brick in a small sea water tank, when it was noticed to be quivering.
Longitudinal fission (effectively ripping themselves into 2) is a known occurrence for these Snakelock anemones. . . so it was wondered if the unusual quivering might be the beginning of that process and preps were made to film whatever occurred.
A PAL VHS video cam was to hand. . . bourbon biscuits were sent for. . . and the episode recorded here unfolded.

Post production time-lapse edit, was thought best to show some of the bouts of activity and bouts of rest, as it was the same-o-same most of the time. Possibly most of the tearing may have been occurring on the underside (idea for future filming if anyone fancies setting that idea up).

Although not visually graphic of ripping bodies. . . the outcome is clear and is a true occurrence: * It was 1 and 12 hours later it (now they) were 2.

Nudge Nudge Info:
The video was filmed in PAL 720×576 and has been re-edited for SeaShore Antics archives, set in an HD frame with a bit of surrounding gumf, as a stimulus for education or intrigue, to learn or start discussion about our seashore and it’s inhabitants. . . or science as a method of observing stuff.
It’s just a sample of this ‘other living being’, doing its ‘normal’ thing.

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