Retro floppy-disk camera 3min mini mini movie – seashore


The Sea Slater journey and the tides were filmed out and about, on the fly, just for fun, with no tripod and just the little retro Sony Mavica floppy-disk camera. . . and 10’s and 10’s of 3.5 inch floppy-disks.

Some may know that the camera takes a max of 15 seconds of 320×240 px video. Once the button is pressed, that disc is committed. . . no matter if the critters run off or don’t move. A new disc has to be loaded before “take 2”. . . Also if the shot fails the disc has to be formatted before it can be used again and I recall several occasions of “take twenty something”. . . other words were used, but it was a great day on the beach.

I thought I’d pay a little homage to the mavica, by re-editing this little 3 min mini mini movie, with modern editing software. . . and have come up with this. . . embedded with its native maximum 320×240 pixel resolution.
It’s a little bit of seashore study, popped together with a simple, yet playful style. . . to be held on Sea Shore Antics FD (floppy-disk 320-240) Archive playlist. . . just for fun. . . and a tad of nostalgia. The last shot of rock pan to sea was not shot on the Mavica, I thought an ending was needed for the little movie, so used PAL footage reduced to match the 320 res’.

Nudge Nudge Info:
The video was filmed in a Floppy-Disk res of 320×240 (one of the first digi cams – awesome res) and has been re-edited for SeaShore Antics archives, set in an HD frame with a bit of surrounding gumf, as a stimulus for education or intrigue, to learn or start discussion about our seashore and it’s inhabitants.

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