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New video is up on SeaShore Antics website:
A Common Mussel is filter-feeding and Schlieren Imageing techniques reveal the fluid-flow that cannot be seen with the naked eye.
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The fluid-flow itself is “work done” by the mussel, to suck seawater in, filter food particles and uuumph the water out agan, all in a flow-like stream.

A bit of science was needed. Schlieren Imageing (Photography), captures the end results of it, the mussel….. doing it’s thing.
The fuller story on the filming for science:
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Nudge Nudge Info:
The video was filmed in PAL 720×576 and has been re-edited for SeaShore Antics archives, set in a HD frame with a bit of surrounding gumf, as a stimulus for education or intrigue, to learn or start discussion about our seashore and it’s inhabitants. . . or science as a method of observing stuff.

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