Anemone Snakelock

Anemonia viridis

Love water. . . Quite shallow, so I get plenty of sunshine, it keeps the little -ellows living in my skin, happy. I move around (slowly, but it’s a cool process) to keep them in good light and they photo-doodeeda, so I get a bit of goodness from it. Me and the “Zoozies” get on well (most of the time).
Long flowy (more like flumpy when the tides out) tentacles are packed with poison firing barbs. . . awesome. With these I fend off annoyances and grab onto selected yummies, then shove them in my mouth. . . whole. Takes a while, but helps me grow. . .When I get fair-size, I rip myself into two. . . It’s my (our) way.
I’ll be your favourite. I’m the best of the rest.