SeaShore Antics reveals, often in a playful way, for education and intrigue, some of the antics of seashore marine wildlife. . . “It’s what they do”.
To know them a little better, may also create an incentive for us to look after their seashore environment.
Project progression would be to create and stock footage of subject interest. . . . . and improve quality of filming, editing and sharing, as tech moves on (according to budgets).

SeaShore Antics was set up originally from a personal idea, before days of Youtube and HD filming. A little WYSIWYG website was created, complete with GIFF images (moving stuff, very snazzy).
This next phase, now includes social media and this new website. It is a more modern evolution of the original, being set-up in a relationship with the Youtube platform to handle video, to display share and archive some of old and new recordings of the antics of seashore marine wildlife that survive in and around rock pools, intertidal and near shore areas on the coast.

The project is based in UK, but is being structured to be able to include worldwide examples. . . It still remains all for education, or just intrigue, yet there is deemed another asset, in that, knowing them a litter better, may add incentive to offer good considerations to their environment, therefore respect to them being on this (not just our) planet as well.
Nature lovers, seashore sea-side related tourists, marine biologists are more obvious to be interested people. . . yet anyone who drinks tap water, eats farmed foods and at anytime afterwoods, flushes a loo. . . has an effect on the seawater that ebbs and flows around the coastline. . . where these creatures live out their lives.
Just the plain old curious have found an interest, in “thinkings”, such as these critters are so removed from typical human antics, that it often raises more questions than anawers. . . such as the anemone ripping itself into 2. . . who is the oldest? If same age, then is there no adult & child? So they don’t ever die of old age, right? So are they everliving (unless eaten or bashed up)?

My degree is a BSc Hons Underwater Science, specialising in oceanography, hydrography, fluid dynamics, HSE diving (SCUBA), film & edit.

Weakness =
(one) = rum n raisen ice-cream.

Early Delight =
A beach holiday, one pair of large bug eyed goggles, my favourite swim togs and a fully inflated rubber ring around my waist. That’s all I needed for this ocean adventure.
Just a toddler and already 50 meters off shore, little did I know my venture would be foiled and my life changed for ever by the power of the ocean.

The waves were gentle spilling breakers and I’d already tackled a few dozen of these one foot high giant barriers, but this one coming was different….. 4 times bigger than the others. I didn’t make it to the other side and was swept back towards the shore in a froth of water.

At first I was merely being returned against my will, but life took on a new perspective, as I became inverted. Still gripping my rubber ring around my waist, I journeyed to shore.

The adults could only see a pair of gangly legs returning, but I, inverted, whizzed through a place that was jam packed full of odd shaped creatures living in amongst sand, rock and weed in a wet world.
Still inverted and just beginning to turn blue, my face first made contact with land in the shallows. . . as the wave shoved me up the beach.
When finally sat upright. . . back in air-world, I coughed and delivered my mouth full of sampled sand all over the attentive adults, fuss fuss fussing over me.

The sneeze that followed, emptied the sand from both nostrils which made a distance of about a foot away, before being returned like two elastic bands and promptly wrapped themselves around my head.

I beamed. The adults frowned…….. but I guess they hadn’t seen what I had.


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SeaShore Antics. . . It’s what they do!