Snakelock Anemone “walks” up rock, has a fight, then falls off



The Snakelock Anemone “walked” up near the Plumose Anemone, had a fight, and lost its “footing” and fell off.

In a marine water tank, a Snakelock anemone, was observed to be on the move. A stills camera was set up and images taken at certain moments to track its movement. The sequence of stills reveal a simple glimpse into its method of movement (inflate forward foot side, stretch and place ahead, then detatch rear foot side). The sequence also captures the reaction of the Plumose Anemone (Metridium senile) on the apex of the rock, as it reacts to proximity “awareness”.

The still photographs here shown as an animated sequence, cover a period of just over 30 minutes.

The video was popped together just to show. . . they can move around (locomotion). A possible explaination as to why it moved, could be to obtain more light for the algae that it has living within its surface layer of tissue.
The video also reveals that anemones react to proximity of other beings.

Nudge Nudge Info:
The video is animated stills, PAL 720×576 resolution and has been re-edited for SeaShore Antics archives, set in an HD frame with a bit of surrounding gumf, as a stimulus for education or intrigue, to learn or start discussion about our seashore and it’s inhabitants. . . or science as a method of observing stuff.
It’s just a sample of this ‘other living being’, doing its ‘normal’ thing.

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