SEA SHORE Antics 2006        The Multimedia Interactive CD for computers, that offers an insight          .............

Moving images on digital video are given as clips and short sequences that can be selected and played individually. A range of real-time, slow-motion, time-lapse and scientific imaging methods are accompanied by a mixture of narration, music and written stories for information and curiousity.  The pages also contain many still photographs to further help explain 'what they do!'.

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into some of the marine wildlife that live by 'surviving' on the UK sea shores

An example of a video sequence. Shore crabs and mussels compete many times each day to survive.... the crab needs to eat, and the mussel needs to prevent itself being the meal. The shore crab here, was filmed continuously for two hours and the end result is a timelapse video sequence on the CD showing the scissor method used:

The CD is designed for general family use, as education and entertainment, to show a little of 'what they do!'   It is also produced to create an intrigue regarding the wildlife and their antics.... so for some, it may indeed create more questions than has given the answers......... inspire further questioning and own knowledge, through interest.

It shows some of the effort and determination, needed to be successful:

It records the end reward (for the crab):

Then it witnesses a free-for-all.  As the crab attempts to protect the new food source.

Crabs feeding & protecting. Crabs releasing eggs. Common Blennys spin feeding. Sea Scorpions ambushing prey. Anemones tearing themselves completely into two (one way of reproducing)....... and more.

Suitable for general family education and intrigue, via computer with Windows Operating Systems.

See Bottom of Page for details on Minimum Recommended Computer Specifications.

SEA SHORE Antics 2006
The Multimedia Interactive computer CD that shows what isn't usually seen.

"Even the still images tell a great little story. The idea feels like a good informative, yet relaxing magazine style, but has moving images tucked into it. Very clever". Andy Portsmouth

"I knew what they looked like, I didn't often see what they did, but now I carry a picture in my mind that I apply when passing them in the wild.... very cool. More please".  Paul London

Select from your chosen page any moving images & narration.
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A variety of tools used for obtaining nutrition:
      Teeth           caverness mouth       raspingtongue&acid     pumps&filters         scissor/crusher

(home use
incl p&p uk only)

Select from an index your page choice of 'what they do!'.

"It does all the hard work of collecting info and images for a presentation that makes it all look interesting and easy. 'It's what they do!', indeed. Very good, (and I dont like the things... was bored stiff in the local aquarium!)". Carl Birmingham

"An original idea. Books are static, videos are a steady conveyor-belt of info, but this has movement at any pace needed for the application & the applications are great... self amusement (we like that anyway!), team/group/class discussion, wide range of topics from energy to reproduction, including possibilities of everlasting life!? we are still working it out! We voted the upside down crab tops for amusement. Good price n all, Thanks". Miss Plum Edinburgh

"Great lay out, very clear. Makes you have a couple or three looks at what just happened.  The info is very original thinking, it makes you think at their level... its a level not far off some of our club members! All for under a tenner is very fair deal". Kate Hebrides

The MINIMUM system requirements:
Windows 95, 98se, 2000, ME or XP

Pentium II or equivalent


Graphic & Sound Card.
16 million colours at 1024 x 768

CD ROM drive x8

DirectX v8 or higher (recommended)

Windows Media Player v6.4 or higher
Computer Spec for use of CD