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A beach in the South of France, one pair of large bug eyed goggles, my favourite swim togs and a fully inflated rubber ring around my waist.  That's all I needed for this ocean adventure.  Five and a half years old and already 50 meters off shore, little did I know my venture would be foiled and my life changed for ever by the power of the ocean.
The waves were gentle spilling breakers and I'd already tackled a few dozen of these foot high barriers, but this one was different..... 4 times bigger than the others.  I didn't make it to the other side and was swept back towards the shore in a froth of water.
At first I was merely being returned against my will, but life took on a new perspective, as I became inverted.  Still gripping my rubber ring around my waist, I journeyed to shore. 
The adults could see a pair of gangly legs returning, but I whizzed through a place that was jam packed full of odd shaped creatures living in amongst sand, rock and weed in a wet world. My face first made contact with land in the shallows and when finally sat upright ooooo ........

on the beach, I coughed and delivered my mouth full of sand over the attentive adults.  The sneeze that followed, emptied the sand from both nostrils which made a distance of about a foot away before being returned like two elastic bands and promptly wrapped themselves around my head - I beamed, the adults frowned........ but I guess they hadn't seen what I had.

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It's what they do...!
Seashoreantics.com is created from the observation that although many people can visit the shore or an aquarium and look at most inhabitants, what these creatures actually have to do, just to survive and live in the wild, is seldom seen and acknowledged, yet is most incredibly dynamic.

Whilst thinking of a method that may visualise some of these antics, it was noticed that most books and existing website pages produce static 'reference' type of images..... so seashoreantics set out to show these 'doings' by using moving images, where possible, and still images that capture some of the dynamics of their activities.  The aim is to show what the wildlife get up to... the antics... not just what they look like.
It is also a mind set here to look for the seldom seen or to show a common phenomena perhaps just in a different light, or from a different angle.

The seashore itself is easily accessible, but often, any observations of the wildlifes' usual life goes unseen because they are hiding or have been disturbed in some way... so we invest the time to capture moments that would occur in the wild as part of their usual interactions in order to survive, grow and reproduce... then bring the stories here, for those who are and those that maybe interested.

Seashoreantics is the new name, now replacing bugsonfilm, although bugsonfilm will always remain active so any past links and contacts will always remain valid.  Seashoreantics operates under the wing of h2oonfilm.com which is the production force behind it.