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Snakelock Anemone “walks” up rock, has a fight, then falls off

  The Snakelock Anemone “walked” up near the Plumose Anemone, had a fight, and lost its “footing” and fell off. In a marine water tank, a Snakelock anemone, was observed to be on the move. A stills camera was set up and images taken at certain moments to track its movement. The sequence of stills […]

Common Mussel filter-feeding – Schlieren Imageing – Seeing the Unseen

To See The Unseen: A Common Mussel is filter-feeding and Schlieren Imageing techniques reveal the fluid-flow that cannot be seen with the naked eye. The fluid-flow itself is “work done” by the mussel, to suck seawater in, filter food particles and uuumph the water out agan, all in a flow-like stream. A bit of science […]

Sea Anemone tears itself into 2 over 12 hours (1min timelapsed)

The Sea Anemone was ‘sat’ on top of a brick in a small sea water tank, when it was noticed to be quivering. Longitudinal fission (effectively ripping themselves into 2) is a known occurrence for these Snakelock anemones. . . so it was wondered if the unusual quivering might be the beginning of that process […]

Retro floppy-disk camera 3min mini mini movie – seashore

The Sea Slater journey and the tides were filmed out and about, on the fly, just for fun, with no tripod and just the little retro Sony Mavica floppy-disk camera. . . and 10’s and 10’s of 3.5 inch floppy-disks. Some may know that the camera takes a max of 15 seconds of 320-240 px […]