This website is a more modern evolution than the original, being set-up to handle video, to display and archive some of the antics of seashore marine wildlife that survive in and around rock pools, intertidal and near shore areas on the UK coast.

It’s so removed from human antics, that it often raises more questions than anawers. . . such as the anemone ripping itself into 2. . . who is the oldest? If same age, then is their no adult & child? So they don’t ever die of old age, right? So are they everliving (unless eaten or bashed up).

The site is about “what they do.”  They live so differently, yet on the same planet and fairly local. . . just trying to remain alive, where they live. . . and sometimes not succeeding in this.

Sea Shore Antics was set up to get and offer samples of these antics, through little moving images where possible, for education & intrigue. The archives are being formed to offer old Floppy disk (320-240) recorded footage, PAL (720-576) recorded footage, and new footage in the full HD (1920-1080). The older files have been re-edited in an HD container, with modern editing facilities, produced in a style offering information with a hint of playfulness.. The aim is to create and stock footage of subject interest. . . . . and improve quality of filming and edit as tech moves on (according to budgets).

My degree is a BSc Hons Underwater Science, specialising in oceanography, hydrography, fluid dynamics, HSE diving (SCUBA), film & edit. . . and rum n raisen ice-cream. I still find the antics of the critters in the shallows to create such a variety of “doings”. . . that they hold my attention for education & intrigue. . .
. . . It’s a fascination and apprection of this extraordinary seashore antics stuff, that’s going on. . . kinda thing. The seashore is the boundary to the oceans and they cover the planet with immense influence. These critters know this place. . . as do we. . . yet none of them sit in deckchairs or eat candyfloss. . . so different.

There is also a youtube and facebook site set up to get things shared a bit more.